Holle vs Loulouka Formula - A Complete Comparison For Parents

You care about your baby, and it's only natural that you want the best for her or him. I know how confusing the world of baby formula can be – some formulas are clearly superior to others, but identifying which one is right for you is not always easy. 

My goal in this article is to do a comparison of Holle vs Loulouka so you can choose the best for your baby. These are two brand names that you should consider when looking for the best baby formula.

Holle Baby Formula

Are you looking for the best baby formula which fulfills all the nutritional requirements of your baby?

Holle Formula

Holle baby formula is a German brand, which is available in different forms to suit the child's age and food habits. It is made from a range of natural ingredients, which are processed at the factory into convenience food. It does not contain any added salt or sugar. 

Their products have been sold all across Europe, but also the U.S. and Canada and Australia. 

Oldest and Popular Baby Formula Company

Recognized for its high quality, Holle Baby Formulas have been around for over 100 years and are used by more than a million babies in Europe, where organic, biodynamic farming and manufacturing are required by law.

It is worth noting Holle Company was founded in 1933 in Switzerland. It is way more established than Loulouka which was founded in 2019.

Holle Nutrient Ingredients

  • It is made from organic goat’s milk. This is ideal for babies who have sensitivity to cow’s milk. 
  • Holle products are 100% free from pesticides
  • GMOs (no GE ingredients), and other harmful toxins.
  • Has iron for making blood cells
  • Has lactose and maltodextrin as sources of carbohydrates or source of energy for your baby
  • Contain Vitamin A, C and D
  • Are approved and certified organic by the European Commission
  • Holle Pre Stage, Holle Stage 1, Holle Stage 2 and Holle Stage 3 have Whey as a source of protein
  • Holle formulas do not have prebiotics and probiotics since they have simple ingredients plus goat milk is easily digestible compared to cow milk
  • Contains  Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil which are important for the development of your baby’s brain
  • Has minerals such as potassium iodate
  • All products have no artificial flavor, preservatives and colors

Please note that Holle is available in 4 stages and they are; 


Loulouka Baby Formula

Loulouka organic formulas were introduced in 2019.

It is a relatively new baby formula company compared to Holle that was established in 1933.All Loulouka formulas are organic and use only the best and safest natural ingredients.

The Loulouka team consists of three parents, who realized that there is no ideal alternative to the European formulas like Nutrilon or similar. The team decided to introduce a new concept as a result of the global demand for healthy organic food and baby formula products. 

Loulouka Formula

The main idea behind Loulouka from the start has been developing an affordable option of healthy organic food for all infants and parents around the world.

Loulouka Nutrient Ingredients

  • Loulouka is made with organic cow milk
  • Has no eggs, maltodextrin or soy
  • No preservatives, GMOS, or colors
  • Has high fat for brain development and growth
  • Comes with iron which is required for making blood cells
  • Has coconut oil 
  • Has whey proteins 
  • Has antioxidants 
  • Has vitamin C,E,A,D, B3, B5 , K, Folic acid
  • Has lactose
  • Comes with minerals

    The formula of Loulouka is available in 3 stages and they are;

    Differences between Holle and Loulouka




    -Fat Content



    -Prebiotics and



    It is made of goat’s milk


    -Holle is available in 4 stages


    -Not Present


    -It is made of cow’s milk

    -has higher fat content

    - Loulouka is available in 3 stages

    -has higher iron content

    -Not present



    Holle vs Loulouka: Which is better?


    Holle Company was established in1933 in Switzerland. Holle has been a leader for over 100 years in the development and manufacture of organic baby formula.

     High quality is guaranteed by strict production guidelines. The milk used to make Holle is exclusively from the biodynamic farm, where goats are grass fed and given only natural feed. All of their additives are natural or organic as well.

    Since it has been in the market for over 100 years, many parents trust it than Loulouka which seems new. 

    Their Stages

    Holle, the German baby formula company, is a longstanding favorite among parents. TheHolle baby formula has a special “pre” stage suitable for babies less than 6 months, giving the formula four total stages, whereas Loulouka has just 3 stages for kids which are 0, 1, and 2.

    Holle baby formulas are often sold in bigger packets than other brands of baby formulas. A formula with four stages seems to have a lot more nutritional value.

    Goat Milk Vs Cow Milk

    I'm sure you've been advised by a loved one or reliable resource to use goat milk instead of cow milk for baby formula. The reason being because it has the beneficial properties that are lacking in full-fat cow milk, such as fatty acids, vitamin E, and iron.
    Goats have a long and rich history of providing us with natural healthy foods. They not only produce milk very similar in composition to human breast milk, they also provide us with meat that can be healthier than beef, lamb or conventional chicken meat.
    Holle makes their baby formala primarily from goat’s milk. If your baby has sensitivity to cow’s milk, I would recommend choosing Holle. 
    It will provide your baby with a true natural balanced diet, including all the essential nutrients such as great levels of calcium, but also protein and important nutrients often found only in breast milk.
    Loulouka makes their baby formula primarily fromcow’s milk. It also has all the nutrients that a growing child needs, including protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fats.