Instructions to Prepare Lebenswert Stage 3

Once your baby has completed Lebenswert Stage 2, he or she is ready to start on Lebenswert Stage 3. Lebenswert stage 3 has been specially formulated for babies from 10 months old.

In this article, I'd like to share with you my experience of preparation of Lebenswert baby formula Stage 3. Make sure to follow these instructions because they are recommended by the manufacturer.

About Lebenswert Stage 3 Formula

Lebenswert baby formula Stage 3 is enriched with the essential nutrients your baby needs to support healthy growth and development.

 It provides your little one with all of the proteins to make cells of the body, carbohydrates to provide energy for your active baby, fats that are vital for brain growth, vitamins, and minerals.

Lebenswert Baby Formula

This is why I recommend Lebenswert Stage 3 baby formula to parents who have children aged 10 months and above and allow babies to drink straight from the bottle if they show a preference. The carefully prepared baby formula meets all EU nutrition requirements for baby formula.

Holle Company

Lebenswert – is a product of Holle Company that was established in 1933. This German brand has gained an international reputation for producing natural organic baby food.

This perfectly supports the body's natural development and contributes to optimum growth. High-quality, tasty baby foods are prepared quickly with hot or cold water. The preparation process is child-friendly without any complicated machine operations.

How to Prepare Lebenswert Stage 3

Organic Lebenswert infant formula is prepared in the same way as ordinary baby milk. I recommend that parents read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and follow the dosage information.

Step 1

All parts of the feeding bottle (such as the ring, cap, and the bottle itself) must be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized after each use. It is advisable to sterilize them at high temperatures several times to ensure that they are free of germs. Be sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer in terms of cleaning and sterilizing the feeding bottle.

Wash your hands too. It is essential that you wash your hands before preparing baby formula.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has found that proper handwashing is critical to preventing the spread of diseases.

Step 2

Boil clean water. If you are using tap water, ensure that it does not have a lot of chlorine that is added to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other micronutrients.  

Tap water can also contain a lot of ethylene genated antioxidants which are very harmful to the health of newborn babies. When you prepare your baby formula with this type of tap water, you are exposing your baby to possible life-threatening diseases.

Also, do not use artificially softened, baby water, microwaved, and repeatedly boiled water, alkaline, and carbonated water.

Step 3

Cool the water to a temperature of 122 F / 50 C. You may already know that manufacturers usually advise cooling boiled water before mixing baby formula.

 Some babies are sensitive to heat and could have stomach aches or get diarrhea from undiluted formula prepared using hot water.

Step 4

Fill the bottle with half amount of water. Lebenswert recommends the following powder to water measurements;

Lebenswert Stage 3 Formula Dosage English Instructions


Water in Ml

Number of Scoops

The prepared formula in ML

Bottles per day

After 10 months
















1 scoop is 4.5 grams.

For 160 ml of water-add 5 scoops ofLebenswert stage 3 baby formula, for 195 ml of water-add 6 scoops of baby formula, and for 225 ml of water-add 7 scoops of baby formula.

Step 5

Close the bottle and shake well until thoroughly dissolved. Shake the bottle loosely like 15 seconds prior to use to ensure even distribution. This is to avoid the lumping of powdered milk.

The amino acids, vitamins, and minerals only break down in solution so shake the formula well. It is very important that the formula be relatively smooth when it is fed to a child or baby. This can help avoid feeding too much or too little of a nutrient at one time. Rough portions can cause irritation and digestive discomfort in infants.

Step 6

Cool the solution to a temperature of 98.6 F/37 C. You can use cold water to cool down the formula.  The final step is testing the temperature and it will be ready to feed.

Other Instructions for Lebenswert Formula

Avoid preparing Formula ahead of time

A baby’s digestive system is not yet mature. That's why it is not recommended to prepare bottles in advance. If any feeding bottle has a formula that was prepared before, it should be discarded or refrigerated.

If not given when fresh, the remaining formula will only cause diarrhea and other digestion-related issues.

Do not use a microwave to heat Baby Formula

While you may be tempted to use your microwave to heatLebenswert stage 3 baby formula, that's not a good idea. It can leave some parts of a container extremely hot while others are only warm.

Because we strive to provide the highest quality food for babies as possible, it is important that you follow specific preparation instructions provided on the package with regard to heating it.

The most effective and safe way to prepare Lebenswert baby formula is by using hot water from a water heater or kettle (not a microwave) in a pot designed for cooking on the stove or in a pan used specifically for feeding babies. Under no circumstances should there be hot spots in the baby's bottle as this can burn and blister a baby’s mouth.

Use the Packet within 2 weeks

Once you open up the baby formula, let it be used within 2 weeks. If the baby formula packet has been opened and it is still fairly fresh, use it before the expiration date marked on the packaging.

In fact, as a parent who has dealt with a lot of different brands of baby formula, I highly recommend Lebenswert baby formula stage 3 that you can use without worry.