Loulouka vs Lebenswert

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is selecting a baby formula brand. There are so many options with varying benefits and drawbacks; it can be difficult to know what’s right for you and your baby.

I will be comparing loulouka vs lebenswert baby formula so you can decide which one will suit your baby’s needs. I will analyze their ingredients, differences, safety, price, and more

Loulouka Baby Formula

Louloukababy formula is the perfect complement to your breast milk. Made in Switzerland in 2019, it supports your baby's needs and development from birth on.

 It’s free from cholesterol, made with organic cows' milk sourced in Switzerland, with all essential nutrients, and contains LCP (Loulouka Cows’ Potential), an exclusive blend of nutrients to give the protection needed by your baby's immune system during this period of rapid growth.

Today, Loulouka comes with an innovation: replacing palm oil, with traditional coconut oil. This is unlike  Lebenswert that uses Palm oil in their baby formula.

It was created by Parents for Parents

Loulouka was developed by parents, for parents. Their experience and the feedback of more than a thousand other parents helped them create an innovative baby formula that is 100% organic, with no preservatives or synthetic substances.

Loulouka Nutrient Ingredients

  •        Has whey proteins
  •        Loulouka is made with organic cow milk
  •        Has no eggs, maltodextrin, or soy
  •        Comes with minerals
  •        Has coconut oil instead of palm oil
  •        Comes with iron which is required for making blood cells
  •        No preservatives, GMOs, or colors
  •        Has high fat for brain development and growth
  •        Has lactose
  •        Has vitamin C,E,A,D, B3, B5 , K, Folic acid
  •        Has antioxidants too


Has a Higher Fat Content

The baby formula is available in 3 stages based on your baby’s development. Loulouka stage 1 baby formula comes with excellent iron content and higher fat content, whereas the Loulouka stage 2 has higher protein content.

Each of the Loulouka stage formulas is recommended by healthcare professionals which you can confirm from their lab test reports as well.

Made from Cow’s Milk

Cows that live in Switzerland are, on average, the fattest cows in the world but it is not just that. These cows also have an excellent quality of milk production.

Using Swiss cows that are pasture-fed and bred to the highest standards, the milk is pure and rich in nutrients. The milk has no rBGH hormones, fillers, or other additives, so it's healthier than most other formula brands.

All stages of production are designed to meet high standards for hygiene and safety.

Loulouka is available in 3 stages and they are;

  •        Stage 1 (0 to 6 months)
  •        Stage 2 (above 6 months)
  •        Stage 3 (above 10 months)


Lebenswert means 'of highest value' in German. Lebenswert baby formulas were introduced in 2009 by the most renowned European baby formula company, Holle.

Since then, the Company offers a line of baby food and nutritional products that are good for babies. Each product has achieved Bioland certification, is eco-friendly in its production, and is made from cow’s milk.

Bioland is the biggest organic food association. This means the milk comes from cows that are cared for, and from farms that do not use hormones, pesticides, fertilizers, and antibiotics.

Contains no unwanted additives

The company only uses natural ingredients – no additives, no preservatives, no coloring – to make sure your baby’s food is healthy. Also, the products are 100% free from genetically modified organisms (GMO) too.


Lebenswert Nutritional Ingredients

  •        Contains Palm oil unlike Loulouka
  •        Has Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  •        Havelactose as the main carbohydrate for stage 1
  •        Contains maltodextrin and starch as the main sources of carbohydrates for stage 2 and 3
  •        Havewhey as a source of protein
  •        Contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, C,  D,E, and Vitamin K
  •        Has iron
  •        Contains calcium
  •        Has minerals such as niacin, manganese sulfate


Lebenswert comes in 3 stages and they are;

Stage 1(0 to 6 months)

Stage 2(6 to 10 months)

Stage 3 (Above 10 months)

Differences between Loulouka and Lebenswert




Palm Oil

Fat Content


Prebiotics and probiotics



Not Present

Has higher fat content

Has higher iron content

Not Present

It is based in Switzerland





It is based in Germany


loulouka vs lebenswert: Which is the Best Baby Formula for your Baby?

Loulouka and Lebenswert have few differences between them and all come down to the ingredients of their baby formula. They are all good choices for babies of all ages and fulfill the nutritional requirements of your baby.

Both contain stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3 to cater to different ages of babies. They are all-natural; do not have prebiotics and probiotics. Here are their main differences;

About their Companies

Lebenswertwas established in 2009, by a big and renowned company, Holle.  The brand has a very rich history that has been around for more than 100 years and continues to make some of the best formulas for parents.

After being created back in 1933, Holle has continued to grow into a very large company that is innovating new products all of the time.

Many parents trust Lebenswert since Holle Company has been in the baby food industry for a long time compared toLoulouka which launched its product in 2019.

Loulouka54Company has headquarters inSwitzerland while Lebenswert has in Germany. This means Loulouka is made from Swiss milk.

Nutrition Ingredients

Louloukahas more fat than most baby formulas (this translates to more energy, no excess carbohydrates). This is forfaster brain development and growth.

A child who does not have enough iron may end up with anemia when he or she grows up.Loulouka has higher Iron than all European formulas for stage 1 hence your child will be safe from nutrient deficiency diseases such as this one.

Loulouka does not usepalm oil in its baby formula. Instead, it uses coconut oil. Lebenswert has palm oil in its baby formula.

ForLebenswert, Stages 1 haslactose as the main source of carbohydrates while stage 2 and 3 has maltodextrin and starch the main source of carbohydrates or energy.